Investing in Kearney: It All Adds Up

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Investing in the Kearney Area:

It all adds up

Investing in our community is a lot like investing in the stock market. 

Most of us don't really know how the stock market works. But we still contribute a little from each paycheck to some sort of fund. We find an adviser we trust, we diversify our portfolio, and watch to see the results. This investment likely takes years to see the outcome we desire. 

Investing through United way

United Way's process is like investing in the stock market. When you trust United Way with your donations, you can be assured that we will handle them with care and strategically invest them in solid and trusted organizations. We will diversify your donations, balancing both preventative and current needs, right here in the Kearney area. 

Will you donate or pledge today?

It all added up for ashley

In 2011, poverty, lack of education, and a lack of support was adding up to create a crisis situation for Ashley and her daughter, Kaylie. Ashley found herself in a predicament. She had to choose between homelessness or putting her daughter in foster care. Watch her story here.

She chose Kaylie. They moved out of her boyfriend’s house and into her car.  Lonely and in need of support, Ashley went to church. The church connected her with several United Way partner agencies, including RAFT and Jubilee Center. These agencies provided Ashley a place to live and grow. She got her GED through Central Community College, and Kaylie attended Head Start. She received this help because of people like you who invested in United Way.

Ashley graduated from the RAFT program after two years. She was hired as a med-aid in a nursing home, and recently joined the medical records department at Kearney Regional Medical Center.

Ashley and Kaylie

When it came time for the United Way employee campaign at KRMC, Ashley was ecstatic. Now it was her turn to invest back in the community so that other people could receive help like she did.

That is the power of investing in United Way. It all adds up.