Who We Are

The United Way of the Kearney Area faithfully oversees the collection and utilization of money from those who care to those who need in our communities. The goal of United Way of the Kearney Area is to create long-lasting change to prevent problems from happening in the first place. We seek to create opportunities for a better life for all, because when we reach out a hand to one, we influence the condition of all.

"Connecting People who Care with People who Need" 

How Does United Way Achieve Impact and What is the Community Investment Process?

The United Way uses its infrastructure and experience to efficiently turn donations into results through its relationships with its many Local partners.  The Community Investment process ensures that dollars donated to the United Way of the Kearney Area are distributed to the most needed programs and services each year in Education, Income, and Health.  Annually, Community Investment volunteers review funding requests, evaluate program results, and make funding recommendations to the local Board of Directors.  Last year, we funded 21 programs through 13 different partner agencies.  Any United Way donor, who wishes to volunteer their time and expertise, can be a part of the Community Investment process.

Why do I want to give to United Way? 

Our faithful stewardship ensures you can confidently & conveniently donate to local organizations committed to our area's most pressing human social needs. Thousands of lives are changed each year through services and programs supported by the United Way. 

How do I know United Way is fiscally responsible?

We are a member of the United Way Worldwide, and annually complete strict membership certification requirements.  We are audited annually by and independent CPA firm, and the audit results are reviewed by our local Board of Directors.  Both our 990 tax form and our annual audit are available for review on our website.  

Who We Serve

We serve 6 counties including: Buffalo, Kearney, Franklin, Harlan, Phelps and Custer. However, many of our partnering agencies serve many additional counties, so if you need help but don't live in one the six counties mentioned earlier, you can still call us or 2-1-1 for help.