Employee Campaign Tool-Kit

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Employee campaign Tool kit

Have you ever thought that an United Way Employee Campaign could be used to increase workplace engagement? We've got the resources you need to run a successful and engaging workplace campaign. 

The 2023-24 United Way of the Kearney Area Campaign is sponsored by Pinnacle Bank. 

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Poverty Adds up

It All Adds Up: Poverty, unemployment, family crisis, lack of education, health concerns. Many people in the Kearney area find themselves in a cycle of unending crisis. They can't seem to find a way out because everything has simply become overwhelming. 

United Way's 21 Partner Agencies work with individuals and families struggling with these concerns. Each day they are working to support, educate and improve the lives of your neighbors. 

Support Adds up

Did you know that at least 90% of the funds raised by United Way each year are through employee campaigns? Some people contribute a few dollars from each paycheck while others are able to contribute much more. Each participant and each donation make it possible for your neighbors in the Kearney area to receive the support they need in times of crises. 

Employee (or workplace) campaigns look different in every organization. You have the ability to make it fun and engaging while also creating a big impact. Some of the things you can do in addition to a typical employee canvas are host events, post marketing materials inside the building, hold contests or auctions! 

Education Adds up

Are you nervous about asking your employees or fellow coworkers to contribute? We get it! Fundraising can be intimidating, but when you don't ask, you are already answering for them. Most people find joy in generosity. It's also important to provide information in your employee campaign about how the dollars raised impact the community. That's why we encourage you to host a United Way representative to share about how United Way dollars make a difference. 

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Employee Campaigns add up

The goals set for this year's campaign are more than just dollars. We believe that generosity makes an impact in the community. Will you be a part of reaching these goals?

  • Raise $400,000
  • 25% of employee campaigns at 40% or higher
  • Recruit 8 new companies to participate
  • Make presentations at 50% of the workplace campaigns                                                                                           

Resources Add up

Here are the digital resources you need to run a successful campaign. We have all of these resources printed and would be happy to bring them to your location. 


pinnacle bank

Thank you to Pinnacle Bank for sponsoring this year's campaign. If your business is interested in sponsoring the 2024-2025 campaign to include our 60th Anniversary Celebration, please contact Savannah@UWKA.org.