Partner Agencies

Partner Agencies

United Way of the Kearney Area partners with 17 agencies in order to fulfill the mission of Connecting People Who Care with People Who Need. Each of the 17 partner agencies serve people in at least one of the six counties. Each partner agency can be categorized as either healthy community, financial security or youth opportunity. Partner agencies must be nonprofit entities. 

The power of living UNITED is the reality that each organization depends on the others. One family is likely to use resources at many different agencies. United Way helps to connect these resources for the betterment of everyone in the community. 


Collage health care partner agencies  Healthy community 

 There are still many people in the Kearney area who continue to live without health insurance or access to health care. Partner agencies such as HelpCare clinic, the Immunization program and Collage help to meet those needs. Others provide support following traumatic or difficult life events. 



Health Care Partner Agencies


          Collage logo         Family Advocacy Network Logo        Help Care Clinic                Arc of Buffalo County logo  Compass              


                        community action logo                       

   Immunization Clinic         Commodities Supplemental Food Program          Minden Senior Center

CASA logo

Buffalo & Kearney Counties 


Youth Opportunity  compass education agencies

Many organizations help to ensure that the young people in our community have the opportunity they need to thrive throughout the six county region. While some help families with parenting education, others serve girls in low income schools with new skills. This diverse array of support for people means that everyone has access to improving their life circumstances through the power of education. 



Youth Opportunity Partners

Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska           Head Start              The Friends Program               CASA 

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Franklin County         

commodities program financial hardship agenciesFinancial security

Financial hardship can be one of the most stressful events because of its impact on the rest of life. Without financial stability, it can be difficult to obtain education or health care. United Way funds are most frequently utilized to support individuals and families with basic needs such as food, housing and utilities. Sometimes people just need a little bit of support to help them move past a tragedy in their life. 


Financial Stability Partner Agencies

community action logo                  Salvation Army                      Jubilee Center                        RAFT

Homeless Prevention Program

New Agencies

United Way of the Kearney Area reviews new partners every fall. If you are a leader of a nonprofit organization and believe your agency would fit within UWKA's scope, please contact Savannah Lyon at or learn more about the process here



Partner Agencies, please submit your upcoming events that you wish United Way to promote here