Our Partner & Affiliate Agencies

Partner Agencies

American Red Cross - 308-234-2770
Disaster relief, military communication, CPR & other training.
Check out how the American Cross helps the Kearney Area, Click Here to watch.
The Arc of Buffalo County - 308-237-4343
Supports people with developmental disabilities and their families.
Contact: Executive Director Sherry Stansberry  ARC explained, Click Here to watch.  
Boy Scouts - 308-382-3717
Youth programs of character development and values-based leadership training.
Contact: Program Director David Plond
Check out Boy Scouts proud moments, Click Here to watch.
CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)
     Phelps/Harlan Counties - 308-995-2102 Ext. 333  
     Buffalo/Kearney Counties - 308-865-5675 Ext. 115   
Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) follow children through the foster care system.
Contact: Executive Director Christina McIntire
Christina: Click Here to watch.
Mel: Click Here to watch. 
Commodity Supplemental Food Program - 308-865-5683
Delivers food packages to more than 2,000 people.
Contact: Program Director Rich Weiss 
Check out where the food comes from and goes, Click Here to watch. 
Friends Mentoring Program - 308-236-2036
Provides mentors to help children with a special need for friendships.
Contact: Executive Director Tammy Lawter 
Check out Big Friends and Little Friends, Click Here to watch. 
Girl Scouts - 308-236-5478
Discover the fun, friendship and power of girls together.
Contact: Membership Director Pat Larson  
Outreach Specialist discusses how Girl Scouts changes girls' lives, Click Here to watch. 
Head Start - 308-865-5690
Strengthens children, families and communities through education & service.
Contact: Program Director Laicie Clark 
Laicie describing mandates in Head Start, Click Here to watch.   
HelpCare Clinic- 308-224-2392
Provides medical services for the uninsured that do not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare.
Contact: Cheryl Bressington To view a HelpCare story, Click Here to watch.  
Homeless Prevention Program - 308-865-5680
Reduces homelessness by preventing evictions, foreclosures and utility disconnections.
Contact: Libby Mathews   
Homeless to hopeful success story, Click Here to watch. 
Immunization Clinic - 308-865-1352 Ext 139
Immunizations are provided to children at low or no cost.
Contact: Program Director Julie Weir  
Immunizations helping all ages, Click Here to watch. 
Kearney Area Children's Museum 308-698-2228
Provides fun, interactive, exhibits that kids can touch, pull, and play with. 
Watch Jennifer exlain the museum, Click Here to watch. 
Kearney Jubilee Center - 308-234-3880
Provids basic human service needs, food pantry and thrift shop.
Contact: Monica Musil  
The Jubilee Center helps a man get a well-paying job, Click Here to watch.   
Minden Senior Center - 308-865-5675
Senior daily nutrition and activites program.
Contact: Program Director 
How to help those living in poverty, Click Here to watch.  
RAFT - 308-865-1355 ext. 133
Provides transitional housing with supportive services to homeless families.
Contact: Executive Director Erin Nelson   
How RAFT supports families in transition, Click Here to watch.  
Salvation Army - 308-234-9998
Helps hungry and homeless people with needs such as groceries, household supplies and clothing.
Contact: Brenda Wommers
Helping families stay afloat, Click Here to watch.  
Senior Companion Volunteer Program - 308-865-5675
Volunteers helping those in need, particularly seniors, through volunteer assistance.
Contact: Program Director Lori Gerih 
From receiving help to providing help, Click Here to watch. 
The S.A.F.E. Center - 308-237-2599
Assistance for families dealing with domestic violence and/or sexual assault.
Contact: Executive Director Nikki Gausman
From a dangerous situation to a SAFE one, Click Here to watch. 
Non funded Affiliate Agencies
Adult Education - 308-338-4000
Provides free education to adults 16 & older in ESL and GED.
Contact: Executive Director Laurel Volpe
GED Success Story: Click Here to watch a video.
Citizen Advocacy - 308-234-9368
Supports citizens to be advocates for people with developmental disabilities.
Contact: Executive Director Sandy Randall  
Citizen's Advocacy explained, Click Here to watch.
Lutheran Family Services- 402-342-7038
Community & Child services & behavioral health. 
Click here for details on how to become a United Way partner agency.