Overcoming Obstacles

Girl Scouts_Brown family

In Spring 2011, Peggy Brown and her two daughters, Jessica and Katy, were

getting by, but they missed their dad and husband, Tim, whom had passed away of cancer a few years before. Katy, a fourth grader at the time, was struggling with their family life and was showing her frustration. Peggy became frustrated, too, because she didn’t know what to do about it.

The girls’ Girl Scout Troop had a camp out at Cottonmill Park & Recreation Area in May that year and invited dads and grandpas out to fish with the girls on the Saturday morning of the camp-out. Each girl received a purple fishing pole and tackle box. Peggy and her father-in-law came out to fish with the girls that day. The family fell in love with fishing! Peggy got a fishing license and a pole of her own and throughout the summer took her girls fishing. Katy and Jessica loved it! Fishing became their family hobby and brought them together in a positive way.
Girl Scouts_brown fishing
It was awesome to see this family grow close together and learn to enjoy a fun, outdoor activity together. So if you stop by their home some summer afternoon and find that the family isn’t home, chances are they’ve “Gone Fishin”.