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Recreational Scholarship Request

You may request a Recreational Scholarship for your child here.

The United Way of the Kearney Area has recreational scholarships for youth, up to the age of 18, and living in our service area who want to participate in organized programs of a recreational, enrichment, educational or therapeutic in nature. A qualified youth is eligible to receive up to $75, in total assistance per calendar year. Applications will be accepted for more than one program, but total assistance will not exceed $75 per youth, in 1 year.  We do not fund pool passes or gym memberships.  

To receive a scholarship, an individual must complete the application and show a financial need for participation.

United Way will verify the financial need, by contacting the appropriate school to request information on eligibility for free lunch program (which is based on financial guidelines suitable for our purposes).

Eligible programs are those open to all without regard to race, religion or membership in an organization.

United Way will pay scholarships directly to the organization assessing the charge and not to any parent, caregiver, or youth. The United Way reserves the right to deny any and all Scholarship applications.  We do not fund pool passes or gym memberships.