Employee Campaign

Benefits of a United Way Employee Campaign

Running a United Way campaign benefits both your company and your community.

Your business benefits by:

  • Increased employee morale and teamwork. Companies that run annual employee campaigns document higher morale and teamwork. Employees learn about services provided by United Way and work together to plan and engage in fun activities to raise money as a company. Special meals, raffles, games, fun incentives for givers like jeans day, or parking in an executive parking space are some great examples of employee involvement.
  • Safety net. You may never know when you, a family member or a coworker will need help from one of our agencies. That's why we cast a wide net of agencies we help - from large agencies such as American Red Cross and Boy and Girl Scouts, to small, locally based agencies such as The Safe Center and the Friends Program.
  • Tax benefits
  • Community and media recognition

Our community will also benefit from your campaign by:

  • Local focus. Your United Way gift stays here to help our local community. Our United Way supports a group of 24 local agencies in a six-county service area in south central Nebraska. Your gift provides child care, youth programs, rent/utility assistance, help for those living with disabilities, health services, counseling, emergency assistance and disaster response.
  • Wide impact. Hundreds of people in our region are helped by these services each year.
  • Quality agencies. Our United Way ensures that your money funds quality agencies to address the most important community needs. Every year, United Way's Board of Directors will review agency budgets, programs and outcomes to ensure that our dollars have the most impact and are going to where the most help is needed.
  • Additional resources. United Way connects people to services and assistance across the region through our toolkit2-1-1 crisis line. This information is free and available to everyone.

We will help provide you with the knowledge and resources to start your campaign and make it a success.

To view some of our materials and read more about hosting a successful employee campaign, click here.

If you're ready for a workplace campaign, contact Taylor at 308-237-6840 or tworden@uwka.org.