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Dining Out for United Way

2014 Dining Outs

Dining out 2014 series

We want to send a HUGE thank you to our five teams of Dining Out volunteers, customers, and participating restaurants this year! You all have made such an impact on our community, and we've also had another record year of dining out funds raised. Wow! $9,871.24 raised from tips! We also have a new team champion this year, unseating the 4 year champs at Old Chicago, Team Barney/Schnieders at the Chicken Coop Sports Bar and Grill have claimed the top spot this year!
Below are the official 2014 results:
Team Schnieders/Barney - Chicken Coop-$3,060.52
Team Kernick/Straatmann - Old Chicago-$2,637.63
Team Gerdes/Anderson-Skeeter Barnes - $1,917.25
Team Blankenship/Shada-Cunningham's - $1,374.13
Team Lammers/McClintic-Jersey's - $881.71


Here are the final standings for the 2013 Dining Outs
Old Chicago team - $2,516.49
Chicken Coop team - $2,050.00
Cunningham's team - $2,043.74
Dickey's BBQ team - $987.76
The Cellar team - $980.90

Congratulations to Old Chicago and Team Kernick and Staatman for holding on to the title for the fourth year in a row! All of this year's teams did a phenomenal job, helping us raise more than $8,500 towards to 2013 campaign! That is the highest amount ever raised during this event so be sure to thank all the volunteers and restaurants who make this event successful!


Dining Out for United Way is a competition. Each team is competing to earn the most tips to support United Way of the Kearney Area. The series will feature five teams, made up of current and past campaign co-chairs and their recruited teams of local celebrities, serving at five locations in Kearney. The winning location/team will earn bragging rights for one year.

 Dining Outs 2013


Cunningham's-Team Tim and Bruce 2013

The Cellar

The Cellar-Team Ed and Dave 2013

Chicken Coop team

Chicken Coop-Team Lanny and Gary 2013

Old Chicago

Old Chicago-Team Brad and Gary 2013

dickey's team 2013

Dickey's BBQ-Team Troy and Bob 2013