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Anna’s childhood abuse leaves her lacking in positive parenting skills.

In a Love and Logic class that took place during October of 2011, a single mother made a huge breakthrough. Love and Logic provides simple and practical techniques to help parents with kids of all ages to raise responsible kids, have more fun in their role, and easily and immediately change their children's behavior. The first three sessions were pretty quiet, as people weren’t quite sure whether they could open up or not. In the fourth session, we were discussing parenting styles, and Anna started to open up about her childhood. She explained that her father had been very abusive throughout her childhood to her and her siblings. Most of his abuse was verbal, and it left deep emotional scars that still had not healed. After discussing how she parents, she realized that she used a lot of the same “techniques” her father used, including yelling, using guilt, degrading her child and calling names. After the breakthrough, she was determined to change her ways.

mother-sonThe class had explored several different techniques for handling child misbehaviors, so Anna tried them. The next week, she reported that she had huge success using a technique where the parent simply repeats one empathetic statement over and over until the child complies or gives up. She used the response "love you too much to argue," and it worked wonders with her son. After her breakthrough, she was the most willing out of the class to try to implement the new techniques taught. It seemed like every week she had a new success with her son. She has had many “mini successes” with her son since taking the class, and she always tells me how thankful she is that she had the chance to take it.