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Risk turns into Educational success for Juan and his family

There are many different reasons people come back to get an education later in life. For Juan, an injury caused him to stop his physically demanding job. He decided he needed to reeducate himself for a skilled and less strenuous job.

Juan came to the US as an adult which has made the task of completing his GED even more difficult; learning a new language later in life requires more time, effort, and determination to master it. He has also had to make up for several years of  high school that he did not attend in Mexico. Juan takes his studying very seriously; he attends every morning class faithfully and one evening a week logging in around 500 hours so far this school year. He commutes to Kearney from another community which makes his dedication even more notable. After class, he continues his studies at the library and at home. His whole life has been reoriented to succeed graduateeducationally for himself and his family. Although there has been a financial strain on his family for him to be in school and stress resulting from mental fatigue, quitting has not been an option for Juan.

What has been the result of his determination? His educational level in Reading, the main determinant to passing the GED, has risen four grade levels going from  5th to a 9th grade level. A remarkable achievement since Reading is his most difficult subject and has given him a lot of anxiety. He has passed 3 out of the 5 GED tests including, most recently, the Reading test which has renewed his energy and faith in his abilities. With an air of confidence and 120 points above his average, Juan knows his dream of going to vocational school is within his grasp. He has the dedication to succeed and we are proud to be part of his success.